What title insurance does BRV Agency offer for residential property?

Residential Title Insurance

Title insurance protects you from value declines and mortgage payments if there is a defect in title. A defect in real estate title can cause a loss in value of the investment.

Purchasing a home is a major event in anyone’s life. Not only is it often the largest investment, it is also the most emotional investment. Buying a home increases your net worth in two ways: First through its growing fair market value, and second from the lower debt outstanding with each monthly payment you make. You will be building a growing source of equity for retirement, for future college costs, or future investment.

Title insurance provides protection from claims that disputing the ownership of your home or some right of others to use your property by easement in such a way as to diminish your use of the property. Purchasing a Owner’s (Fee) Policy also provides for legal representation, so you can defend your property and investment.