What Services do we Provide?

Our company mainly performs searches of the Jefferson County Clerk's Office for recorded documents affecting a subject property. This is known as a title search. See following page What are Title Searches

Any documents affecting the subject property, including deeds, mortgages, easements, judgments or other liens are reported. Reports can be verbal, written or organized in abstract form. Such reports allow for a proper review of the title before a sale or loan occurs.

The reports also provide title insurance companies a basis for decisions on whether to issue title insurance for specific properties. Our Partner Agency, BRV Agency, Inc., offers title insurance for both residential and commercial clients.

We are called on to provide new abstracts of title, to update existing abstracts and to review and record closing documents for both residential and commercial properties. See following page What is an Abstract of Title

We are associated with Conboy, McKay, Bachman & Kendall, LLP who has the staff and attorneys available to prepare closing documents (deeds, mortgages, closing statements, etc.), to review titles and to perform closings.

Please Contact Us with any questions about our services or rates.

Patriot Search: $0
Bankruptcy Search: $25.00 plus tax, per name
Certified Full Abstract: $300 and up
Certificate of Good Standing: $75 to $1500
Corporate Tax Search (Franchise Taxes): $25 to $50
Document Recording Services: $25 to $50
Judgment and Lien Search: $25 to $50
Redate Abstract: $75 and up
State and Local UCC Search: $40 plus tax, per name
Surrogate Search: $50 to $100
Tax Search: $10-$15

Miscellaneous research services, we perform:

  • Specific document searches
  • Judgment and lien searches
  • Tax searches
  • Map searches
  • Current owner searches
  • UCC (Financing Statement) searches.
  • Surrogate Court searches.
  • Felony/misdemeanor searches quoted per client

This disclosure of our range of charges is made in accordance with 11 NYCRR section 35.6(b).